是的,我们是一家必不可少的企业,是的,我们是开放的! 点击这里 看看我们如何保障员工和客户的安全



“太平洋暖气和空气公司是我用过的最好的公司, 凭借其卓越的服务和可靠性,傲视其他公司. 尼克和他的团队非常友好,对这项工作很有洞察力. 他们是锋利的, 集体, and efficient with there time as they were in and out very quickly on the install for my home. His prices were fair and honest and not as expensive as compared to other companies I recieved quotes from. Nick and his team are accountable and trustworthy when it comes to installing a system or any other heating and air needs and I will most definitely call them back for any future needs. 我强烈推荐他作为你可以依赖的第一优先选择."
- 布莱恩·D. ——加州圣地亚哥

“尼克·安达一直负责我们在湖滨的大型制冷系统, 这不是一件容易的事. 他一次又一次地接我的电话,而且准时出现. 他每次都做得超出职责范围. 他为人正直,在自己的领域知识渊博. 我们真的很感激他,谢谢你,尼克!"
- Jeffrey一. ——加利福尼亚州旧金山

“这是一家伟大的公司! 尼克很棒,是个真正的专业人士. We called the company on a Saturday and got a call back even though it was after 6pm. And, Nick took the time to stop by and had our air conditioner working again within 15 minutes. 谢谢尼克!!!!"
- 艾尔年代. -加州拉梅萨

“我们对新的暖通bet9app苹果下载软件系统非常满意. 不幸的是,暖气设备昨天停止工作了. 我今天打电话给PHAC,他们派James B来修理. James methodically went through all possibilities and realized we needed a new motherboard. He and Nick arranged to get the part from far away and then James returned this evening to install. We are so grateful to James for sticking with this and allowing us to obtain the warmth we need. 做得好!!!!!"
- 玛丽莲年代. ——德尔马,加州

“詹姆斯非常彻底,让我们的bet9app苹果器启动得很快. 我们很高兴在寒冷了一个星期之后终于有了暖气. 谢谢!"
- Nelida H. ——加州圣地亚哥

“我非常感激尼克为我提供的出色服务. He went out of his way to get parts for the air conditioner so that it was delivered before the current heat spell, 对此我深表感激. 他们的仁慈是无法估量的."
- Jeromy L. -圣路易斯奥比斯波,加州

”瑞克很特别. He and his crew worked so hard to get a new unit installed on my roof in terrible heat and replacing duct work inside in 90+ heat. 没有人在旁边站着,工作是在我的家的照顾下完成的, 如果我有生意,我会让这些工人为我工作. 我想用语言来感谢他们在这一天里睡了一个凉爽的夜晚. 你是最棒的. 再次感谢瑞克的好意."
- 桑德拉·H. ——加州斯普林谷

“我租了太平洋供热和空气公司来为我租的房子安装bet9app苹果下载软件. 他们有很好的客户服务,而且非常迅速和合理的价格. 绝对会推荐他们."
- 特蕾莎修女G. ——加州圣地亚哥

“专业、快速的服务! For years your company has been servicing our heating and air conditioning units for maintenance, 修理和安装在我们的家里. You have always been prompt and courteous, and your prices are very reasonable. 谢谢你!!"
- 亚历克斯·B. ——加州圣地亚哥

“我和丈夫对尼克和他的公司赞不绝口. He gave great suggestions for placement of the air conditioning units both inside and outside the house. 他对我们所有的需求都非常积极. 当我们需要他调查管道的问题时,他会尽快来. 我们强烈推荐太平洋bet9app苹果 & bet9app苹果下载软件!"
- 唐娜V. ——加州圣地亚哥

"I recently needed a new heating system and information on possibility repairing the A/C After several quotes, 我选择了太平洋. 从管理人员到实际工人,他们都非常专业. 一切都解释清楚了,他们也竭尽所能地帮忙. 最终的结果是,我喜欢他们所做的所有工作. 谢谢大家. 我强烈推荐这家公司."
- 多萝西H. ——加州圣地亚哥

“12月我们安装了新的管道和煤气炉(特灵). 太平洋H&AC是一家有许可证的经销商/安装商. 这意味着你正在得到一个质量单位安装, 而不是在得宝或洛斯买的劣质车型. 我通过查看国家对设备的评价来定义质量, 保修期, 和能源效率. I could have gone to one of the contractors who are always advertising on the radio or TV but I figured I would also be paying for their advertisement costs. So, I knew I would eventually want A/C installed, so they installed the cooling coil on the furnace. 上周, Nick and his crew came in and completed the job with a high quality A/C unit to complete my system. 我妻子对我们的新环境比我更满意. 说到效率,我没有看到可持续发展目标有任何提高&E bill for the furnace and I don't plan on seeing much if any for running the A/C. 两个单位都非常安静,你几乎注意不到他们在操作. 尼克和他的手下对你的家彬彬有礼,尽职尽责. Any debris from the project is cleaned up throughout the day, not just at the end of the day. Lastly, the pricing is better than other quotes received on lesser quality equipment. 我们完全满意."
- 迈克年代. ——加州圣地亚哥

“尼克是最好的, we had a problem with our central air at our restaurant and 太平洋bet9app苹果 and 空气 fixed the problem that day. Another well known heating and air company in 圣地亚哥 wanted to install a new system where Nick was able to fix our system and a fraction of the cost. 诚实和可靠的."
- 贝丝C. ——加州圣地亚哥

“太平洋bet9app苹果下载软件公司的人很棒! 迅速准确地完成工作. 他们提出了一个比我先前计划的更好的办法, 解释了情况, 一天就完成了bet9app苹果下载软件的升级. 我会把它们推荐给任何人.. 好男人!"
- 丹B. ——加州圣地亚哥

“安装了一个新炉子. 高质量的产品, Jake install was excellent and James B made a great deal and got everything completed in a timely manner with no problems. 总而言之,说不出他们有多好."
- 汤姆K. ——海边,

“我在上午11点给他们打电话, 他们在一小时内就来了,直到暖气恢复才停止. Good thing too because it's been frigid the last couple of nights and we have two kids. James B was an awesome technician who went above and beyond to get it fixed (including going without lunch- sorry James!). 非常感谢."
- 肖恩·阿. -加州拉梅萨

“嘿,! 这些人很棒! I've had an AC maintenance company monitor my company's heating and air units three years now. One of my units was having an issue, and they recommended replacing the unit or the compressor. 我的第二个装置从来没有完全正常工作过. 在炎热的夏天,它永远不会使办公室凉爽. 有人建议把那个也替换掉. 我联系了太平洋供热空气公司征求第二意见. 他们走出来,在审查了这些单元之后, 发现第二单元没有正常返回. The return was pulling air in from the attic causing the air to constantly stay warm. 他们给了我合理的价格换了压缩机,重做了管道. 他们帮我省了几千美元! I'm going to contract them to do my maintenance program from this point on - I highly recommend 太平洋bet9app苹果 and 空气."
- 汤姆C. ——加州圣地亚哥

“这些人真的很好. 他们负责我母亲家的bet9app苹果下载软件. We set everything up over the phone since I live in the Central Valley and she lives in Lemon Grove. 他们直接给出了一个估计,并坚持下去. 非常友好和乐于助人的服务. 他们非常干净,干得很漂亮. 我们是非常满意的客户. 如果你有暖通bet9app苹果下载软件方面的问题给汤米打电话. 他很快就会把你治好的,而且不会超出你的预算."
- 罗伯特J. ——Hughson CA

"I am writing this as a testament not as an advertisement based on this outstanding companies services provided. 我有幸使用了太平洋暖气系统 & bet9app苹果下载软件 both on the commercial side and the residential side and will say with out a doubt that Nick Anda whom owns and is out In the field working with his crews, 经营着一家非常专业而又个人化的公司. Your building or home needs are provided a 100% service nothing less and that is because of his many and I do mean many years of experience and the fact that he cares about you as if you are his family. The 2016 Summer is upon us so do the smart thing and give him a call as this is the best time to have your system checked to see if it's really the right one for your space, 或需要维修, 也许是为了提高效率. 只要给他几分钟的时间,相信你不会出错, 他最终能帮你省钱. 我知道他是为了我们,因为我们打了那个电话."
- 德拉C. ——加州斯普林谷

“这些家伙太棒了,他们很快就把我的bet9app苹果下载软件装上了。 &清洁”
- 詹姆斯米. -加州拉梅萨

“西班牙&我谴责我的暖气,因为它太旧太危险了. 由于我的经济状况,我觉得我没有希望得到bet9app苹果器方面的帮助. My insurance company referred me to Nick Anda with 太平洋bet9app苹果 and bet9app苹果下载软件. He surprised me and my girlfriend when he said "I like to help young people and older people.“我的bet9app苹果器在一个很难够到的地方. 但他接受了这种糟糕的情况,装了一台新的雷诺克斯bet9app苹果器. 他安排了付款事宜. I would highly recommend him and I think he is awesome and a friendly business man."
- 朱迪L. ——湖畔,

“尼克超出了我们的预期. He gave us a fair price and installed the air conditioner to our specifications, 尽管它需要更多的劳动力. 迅速和整洁得到赞赏. I would highly recommend Nick and his outfit for any of your air conditioning or heating needs."
- 唐娜V. ——加州圣地亚哥

"置身于这可怕的热浪之中是多么美妙的经历啊. 尼克来到, 找出了我的问题, 我对恒温器做了个简单的调整, 一切都恢复正常了. 那是15分钟的上门服务,而且他没有收我一分钱! 你可以打赌,从现在起他将是我的得力助手."
- 苏珊·M. -加州拉梅萨

“我家的温度是90度,bet9app苹果下载软件坏了...打电话给尼克,说他离我家只有几分钟的路程,会过来看看..15分钟后他到了,就开始解决问题....5分钟后...我的空气又回来了. 这家伙让我很开心."
- 蒂娜J. ——加州圣地亚哥



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